I have been a commercial artist for 20 years. My artistic talents are diverse and unique. I am knowledgeable in the field, including but not exclusively pertaining to finishes, applications, restoration, and products. My specialties vary and include Venetian plaster, and faux finishes.

My approach to art is individualistic--I am devoted and committed to my client, their needs, desired outcome, and considerations. I am conscientious, attentive, flexible, accommodating, and efficient. I see a project through to the end. I am known in the industry to be hard working, neat, reliable, honest, and responsible. Lastly, I am referred to as a true European craftsman--with exceptional work habits, achieving high quality results for my clients. I take considerable pride in my work.

​References, recommendations, and samples of  my work are available upon request. Download a copy of my CV here.